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While looking for a book from which you want to build your character and bring discipline in your life, then The Monk who sold his Ferrari should be your purchase. You can download The Monk who sold his Ferrari PDF when finish reading this post.

The Monk who sold his Ferrari Plot:

Story of the book revolves around two characters John and Julian Mantle, who are talking to each other and sharing their life experiences. Julian tells john about his Himalayan journey and experiences he had on it. He further tells him that he undertook the journey after selling his red Ferrari and house. Julian got a heart attack while fighting a case in the court and after that he started seeking the spiritual journey to Himalayas. This journey brought extreme variations in his life and he shares them with John.

download the monk who sold his ferrari pdf free

The Monk who sold his Ferrari Review:

This is an inspirational tale that teaches that how you can approach your life with happiness, great bravery, equilibrium and abundance. Like Julian Mantle, a successful lawyer who is in spiritual crisis, how he seeks a journey to Himalayas and learn some true and most important thing of life.


This is a great tale of self-development. A strives his whole life for success but sometimes lacking few important things, his spirit remains incomplete. In this books you learn that how a man, even successful, can find peace and completeness of whole, body and knowledge. Giving much importance to time, happy thoughts and courageous acts are the things that makes you a complete man with happy body and soul. Taking care of your relationships and then living fully is what everyone desires and this is what you can learn in this book.

The book contains 13 chapters starting from Chapter 1st, The Wakeup Call to Chapter 13th, the timeless secret of Life long Happiness. In each chapter you would learn something new very important to life. So what are you waiting for? Buy the book or download the free PDF below and start reading it today.

Download The Monk who sold his Ferrari free PDF:

You can download “the monk who sold his ferrari” book in pdf form here.

You can buy this book in hard copy at discount price (8$ only) with free shipping from amazon here.

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